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For a stronger fence, use Fencelock brackets instead of nails to secure your fence panels to their posts.

Build it once

Won't rot

Can be painted or finished in any colour

Fits 3" posts

All you need is a screwdriver

Stronger than nails


Moulded from recycled products

Faster and stronger

Storms coming? You can relax.

Works on awkward sites

Sloping site? No problem

How Many Fencelocks?

1. How does your fence end?

Assuming your fence starts and ends at posts (ie. it’s not a complete enclosure), you’ll need 2 x FL003 and 1 x FL004 for the start and another set for the finish of your fence.

2. How many corners are there?

For each corner, 2 x FL005 and 1 x FL006

3. How many panels are there?

How many panels do you have in total? Subtract how many corners. If you have fence ends (ie, you’re not building a complete enclosure), subtract another 1. You’ll need 2 x FL001 and 1 x FL002 times that. Basically, where a panel is connected to another panel not at a corner, you’ll need these.

4. How tall are your panels?

So far you’ve calculated everything you need for 2 metre high fence panels.

For 1 metre fence panels, you don’t need the FL004s, FL006s or FL002s.

For 3 metre fence panels, double the number of FL004s, FL006s and FL002s.

5. Here’s how it works

6. Got questions?

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Meet Fencelock

Build a Fence, Repair a Fence, Fence Installation use Fencelock!

A fence is only as strong as whatever holds it up!

Fence panels themselves aren’t weak, it’s the nails fixing them to the posts that cause the problem – nails splinter thin timbers, they also split the frames and panels which invariably means they’ll blow down in the first gust of strong wind. Fencelock is a revolutionary, eco-friendly system that fit 3″ fence post and makes sure the fences you build stay built and last for many years.They don’t cost the earth either!
Fencelock grips your fence and holds it together. It’s also eco-friendly because it’s moulded from recycled timber, nut shells and resin and like wood can be painted or finished in any colour – unlike wood however, Fencelock DOESN’T ROT.


A friend of mine got a new fence put up recently and after just a few months its all rusted with the nails staining it, so i decided to try fencelock and thier products are great very easy to install and no mess or hassle.
Ronnie Fox

Easy to install and very quick delivery, extremely happy.
Joseph Kerr

Having used nails for my fence panels in the past, they always cracked the fence and produced lots of rust which stained the fence, i decided to give fencelock a try and i am so happy that i did, so easy to install and a very neat job indeed, have reccommended to all my friends 🙂
Caroline Winchester

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